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I m looking to buy a sewing machine and need a little advice about what to get. I had a singer for about twenty years, but never got it to work properly (bobbin jamming and stitch tension never right) so threw it out a couple years ago. Now seek advice on which very forgiving beginner machine to buy. I have access to Singer, Janome and Brother at the stores here in Australia. In the near term, I hope to make dolls clothes and such, as well as the odd clothing repair or hem. Some day I'd like to do quilting, so I'd ideally like a machine suitable for that as well. I'd appreciate any suggestions or advice. Thanks!

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buy a Kenmore they are great! I hear this all the time online and some people around me that sew as well! I have one and I love it!... I'm not an expert thought! I just started to sew about 3 months ago, (LOL : )) but so far I love it!
I have 2 Brother machines. A PC6000 and a PQ1500. I love both of them. I chose Brother because they had the features I wanted for a price I could afford. I used a Kenmore for about 12 years before I bought them. It still sews like a charm, but is a very basic machine. I made lots of clothes on it for my daughter when she was little.
I would suggest you try out a few, if possible, before you decide. Check out the features of each machine. For quilting the needle down position is a must for me. I also like the automatic thread cutter on my machine when I'm piecing.
Here's an interesting article:
I bought a used Janome MC 5000 and I love it most of the time. I've used older machines Kennmore, singer, and Montgomery Wards, My Janome has them beat hands down. A used machine might be a good bet for you. I got mine for $200
Hi. Do you have a Janome dealership near you? They have amazing support services should you have a problem with your machine. I wanted just a basic and bought a Janome Model JS1022LE. I discovered the highschool bought this model for the Home Ec students. The store owner serviced it before allowing me to take it home, making sure it was set up correctly. I've been very happy with it and have no problem doing anything I want with it. I can't say enough good about it, and it was only $199. plus tax, Cdn.
Alot of new Kenmore Machines are made by Janome. They are good machines, customers are not happy with Sears Service though (high price and long wait). I suggest buy from a dealer so you know who is fixing it.


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