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I have just joined a guild and I am in charge of planning for next year. Does anyone have any ideas for some fun things we can do??

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Last week was our last guild meeting. At that meeting we all had to pick a FQ from a box when we entered. During the meeting we formed a circle and everyone was holding our FQs. Then the president told a story that contained the words left and right. Whenever we heard either of these words we had to pass the FQ in that direction. At the end of the story, we kept whatever FQ we had. Since we are having a fund raiser at the end of Sept. we are all to make something for the fundraiser using that FQ and bring to the first fall meeting in Sept. There will be prizes for the most unique, interesting, etc. project.
I don't have the story but I found this link for a Xmas exchange which gives you an idea of the type of story. Hope this helps
Xmas Exchange Story
Oh and I found another left/right story: Left Right story too
Thankyou sew much!! That sounds like fun what a great idea!
Have a look at some other established quilting guilds! (,

Some bring in 'teachers' for an evening to show off new techniques - you could even get some of the more experienced quilters to show off theirs!

Have a theme night - finish that block!, finish that border, etc etc. As well as getting business done, the members can finally hand sew that binding on that quilt they made three years ago! Lol

One of the guilds mentioned above is having a quilt show this year, though those usually take about 2 years to get organized.

I've seen some where they do "Block of the Month" lottos - each member can do one or two BOM's, based on a certain block, fabric color, or theme, and at the end of the month, the blocks are sorted into the number needed for a quilt (sometimes two) and then drawn from a list of participants.

Plan a few shop hops if you have a lot stores in your area. One days trips are good, with about 4-5 shops to visit.
Thanks those are great ideas!
There are a lot of things that you can do. one is start a mystery quilt. You give the members instructions each month that you meet and they work on it and in the end everyone comes with their finished quilt. Another idea is to start a row by row quilt. The way we did it was each person would start their own row with the colors ect. that they wanted and bring it in a brown paper bag. at the end of the meeting everyone picks up a bag and takes it home. you add a row using whatever method you want and try and use colors that would coordinate with the innitial row. Each week you bring back the bag that you took and then you grab another bag. eventually the rows are finished and eveyone gets their own quilt back at the end.
Another suggestion is to go to google and type in quilt guild idea's. I did that one year and you would be amazed at how many great idea's are out there. Linda
Thank you for all those ideas!!
My quild had a fun time with bingo. Make the bingo grid with scraps and use blue for the b in bingo and other colors for other letters. Then use buttons as markers for squares. The caller says green with hearts or blue with stripes, pink with dots , green checks ect. Hope you can see what i am saying.
If not write back. Have fun
Have a "Hot Dog" pillowcase seminar. Easy, short and everyone can make a 3 different material pillowcase as a gift or givaway to a shelter. We did this using "Saints" material, solid black material and a stripe material with gold and black. Many happy people!!! Instructions for one-seam pillowcase on google. Have a fat quarter and cookie swap. Be sure to include recipe! Make preemie sacks for neonatal unit with drawstring that will hang on incubator for soiled clothes to be taken home for cleaning.


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