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Christine Johson's Petite Plus Patterns and Slinky knits

Anyone who is in the Petite Plus (5' 2" or less and nice and round and fluffy like me) range and has used the Petite Plus Patterns with success on slinky knit, please give me hints on which patterns are best for "rolly polly shorties" and for use
with slinky and hints on how to manage cutting out and sewing slinky knits. Thanks,

Granny Fanny

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Hi, Granny I am one too. I am 5'2" weigh 149. I love Petite Plus lady who writes for Threads Magazine. I think you would love all these patterns in your size.

Sewing slinky is something else, maybe the Sew-U book on knits would help you.
Sewing knits on the sewing machine is not easy. Do you have a serger?


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