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I inherited my MIL's serger 9 years ago. I am scared to death of it. I can't imagine how it works and it looks so complicated!

It's a White.

Should I bypass my fear and just go for it or would lessons be recommended before I even try threading it?

Also, after the machine has just sat for 9 years, is there any maintenance I should do before I DO try it out?

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Does it come with a manual? If not, I would say you should try to find one online or through your local sewing machine store. I got my first serger used about 10 years ago and just jumped right in. It was also a white, a really great machine. I had lots of trial and error learning, but luckily there was a very knowledgeable sales lady at a sewing machine store who was willing to help me out. So, I would say just give it a whirl after having it serviced (it will need oil, etc). Try threading it first, using the manual. Good luck!
Here is what I would do, grab the manual to read it,how to thread it. tension etc. Some of the older ones need to be threaded in a particular way, lower looper first etc.
Then take some scraps of material and play. As long as you don't run over a pin which can knock out the timing the worst you can do is break a needle or thread. The more you play with it the less you will be scared of it. It is basically a sewing machine that makes more noise and stitches differently. By playing with scraps you will see what it can do and get used to where on the material the knife cuts. Good luck hope you have fun.
Anne in Dunedin NZ
I agree with the other replies, also talk to the people at your local sewing store, they can be the greatest help. Go online to the website and there should be some help there also. Have fun with the serger, I do I can't believe I did with out one for years.
Gosh! Thank you girls for the well thought out replys. :)

I still haven't gotten it serviced and I agree, that should be the first thing I do. Wonder how much that will cost. :(

I got sick and didn't get back online. Sorry.

I do have the manual so I'll just sit and read it and see if it makes since. There is one sewing machine service center here but it's way across town (20 min.) and I don't have a car during the day unless I take dh to work and I ONLY do that on my days to see the doctor. Maybe my friend would take me one day.:)

The only reason I've decided I would like to know how to use the serger is because I got 2 huge bags full of knit fabric from freecycle and I thought I could make me some slacks and blouses and how neat it would be to have the edges serged. I'm afraid if I don't do something soon dh will insist that I freecycle the fabric to someone else and it does take up a lot of room.

Thank you again for your comments. I used to be a member here years ago but lost the link and just found the site again. Lots of changes. Thank you. Carolyn


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