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I am wanting to buy a serger to expand my sewing business. Does anyone have a preference on brand? I am looking at a Singer Pro Finish. Thanks.

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Hi Vicki ~ Have you done a survey review on the Singer Pro Finish?
When I sold singer sew machines/sergers they were being made in China.
90% of the people would return them, because of poor quality.

Ten years ago I was selling Janome Products, I bought a BabyLock Eclipse Serger. Though at the time the Babylock Serger was 2x's the price of a Singer Serger.
It has alot of nice features and still happy with it today. There was no complaints of return sales on any Janome products, I sold. At the the time Jonome products were made in Japan.
I scoured for reviews of both machines but couldn't locate information that would help. I was leaning towards the Janome that Wal-Mart sells. Even though more than the Singer, I think I will go this route. Thanks for help.
I really like Bernina overlockers. I don't own one. I actually own a Pfaff overlocker/coverstitch machine but I do use the Berninas at seminars etc. As a standalone serger as opposed to my combined machine (Bernina do have the combined machines too but they were far too expensive for me to buy at the time) they are excellent.

I think the Janomes are mean to be very good as well. I have some friends who are very good sewers who swear by their Janomes.

My recommendation would be to take some samples of stretch, woven, jean fabric and try a few different sergers out. Ask them to show you how to thread it and see if it seems straight forward enough. Ask them how to convert the machine for a rolled hem and see how that goes. Also ensure that you get some free lessons so you know how to use it. If you can afford a machine with auto tensions I think that is worthwhile too. The newer ones nearly all have differential feed.

Enjoy the processs
I have a friend that got a top of the line Singer Serger, and she could never keep it threaded...I even tried, just too complicated...I think I'm getting a Janome when they go on sale...Huskyvarna is an excellent brand...good luck, Suzanne


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