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I want to make my toddler a pair of pants out of minky dot material and i'm not sure if i should use a certain size needle or special thread at all? I've got limited skills and am just using the needle that came already in the machine but i know it came with others but i have no idea what they're for. If i added a satin cuff to it would that also require anything different? Maybe i should have the tension set to something specific??

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Satin requires a special needle, usually a smaller satin needle or ball point needle works well. You can sew the minky material with the same needle. If you don't sew the satin with the correct needle you will get "runs" in the fabric. Puckers also occur with Satin if the incorrect needle is used. Any good fabric store can help you pick out the correct needle. Also, you need to change the needle in your machine frequently. It really makes a difference if you have a sharp needle. ESPECIALLY if you sew over pins, which a lot of us older sewers are used to doing. It is not recommended. I have found that regular tension is fine for minky material, but you should test a sample of your satin to find the best tension to avoid the puckers, etc. I am not a professional, but I have messed up satin by not trying out the stitch tension,length, and needle. Satin is one of the hardest things to sew. Good Luck.
Thank you!! I decided to not do the satin trim and i'll just add a ruffle to the bottom of the minky pants!


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