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I could not get a handle on what tencel was. I found it very interesting to learn that it comes from eucalyptus trees. I came across this description.


A Naturally Efficient Process

Tencel is a branded lyocell fiber similar to rayon that comes from the pulp of eucalyptus trees. The trees are grown on sustainably run farms certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the fiber carries the Pan European Forest Council (PEFC) quality seal. It is possible to use bamboo, or other sources of cellulose, but eucalyptus yields the best quality fiber with the least amount of waste. Therefore we think this process is the best available option.

The wood pulp is processed in a non-toxic organic solvent solution that's reclaimed and recycled in a closed-loop spinning process that conserves energy and water – up to 99% of the solvent is recovered and reused. We ensure that the processing of Tencel and lyocell fibers does not utilize any of the harmful chemicals (like formaldehyde) sometimes used to treat the fibrillation of these fibers.

  • Derived from fast-growing trees farmed sustainably
  • No toxic chemicals or solvents used to process fibers
  • Chemicals and solvents are recovered and reused

Here is another link that may be of interest for those that are curious about our "green" fabric.

Lyocell - One Fiber, Many Faces

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