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While searching for free motion quilting projects by everyone here at SWN, I was not able to populate the slideshow with very many photos.  I know they are out there!  They are just not coming up.  There are three reasons why photos do not appear within search results:

  • they are not tagged with key words
  • the title is not indicative of the contents of the photo i.e. "IMG3456.jpg"
  • you have not uploaded your free motion quilt photos!

I would so LOVE to see more of this quilting technique.  Pretty please upload your photos!  If you already have free motion quilting photos within our photo collection, please review them for key words, tags, and titles so I can find them and add them.  If you edit your photos, please contact me with the image TITLE and let me know, so I can search for them and add them to the slideshow on the main page of this group.


Enjoy the group!

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Here is a picture of my one and only free-motion machine quilting project. It was a charity quilt for a young fellow in the Chicago area. I was given a list of some of his favorite things to incorporate into the quilt, which was about 40"x48". I had only an elementary knowledge of machine quilting and as a result I got carpal tunnel. After having surgery, my left arm is no better than before I had the surgery. I would really like to be able to make quilts for Project Linus, but I am afraid to start again. I believe this group will give me the skills and confidence I need to begin again without damaging my body. 8-)


Very nice!  Find a way that's comfortable for you and you'll do just fine.


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