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I Have been sewing for years, just the basic stuff. I got the bright idea that I had to have a serger, I was going to make a gown with very fine fabric and needed to overlock the edges. I went out and bought a Juki Model MO-735. Now I see that I have no idea what to do with all of the different stitches! I am slowly figuring out how to thread it and play with the tension but, how do I use the different stitches, what do I do with them? Thank you, Kare

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If you have a library close by try and get the book "ABC's of Serging". It will tell you all about how to use a serger and what the different stitches can be used for. Then you can practice and make yourself a little note book with your samples in it and how you did them.
Anne in Dunedin NZ
Thank You. As a matter of fact "it's in the mail". I just bought 4 books on sergers and this was one. I'm glad to hear that this is a good one. Karen


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