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I have a problem sometimes with a pattern trying to save to my floppy. I put it on there with my program BuzzXplore 2. I use the .shv format. I look to see if the pattern is there and it is. But when I take it to my machine it says: Disk not accepted!!! What is going on??? Any help on this problem is greatly appreciated. I'm new to my machine but am self taught. But didn't get alot of books with it.

Thanks ahead of time to whom ever has info on this type of machine.

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I hope someone has helped you before now. The problem is that the floppy disc must have a special formatting tha can only be done with a small stand alone program called Disc Manager. You can purchase this program from your Viking dealer.

You need to order disk that are already formatted. I found this out when i tried using other floppies that didn't work.

Please contact your dealer.  They will be able to help.



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