Husqvarna Viking #1+ Sewing/Embroidery Machine Stitch Cards/Cassettes Needed

Anyone know where I can find stitch cards/cassettes for the Husqvarna Viking #1+? I moved and cannot find them! I really need the cassette that works with the programable memory card
! I have bid on a couple on ebay, but can't seem to find the ones I need (C, E. F. L, M, & N). I no longer have any stores (Sewing Machine dealers, Fabric shops, etc) near me. Thanks, Denise

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I have been trying to start a discussion about just where I can find Viking Designer 2 , Stitch D Cards. I have tried on ebay, nothing, plus two pricy, I did find on a Bing search someone in Australia or Engling that had a great number for sale, but I lost the site. Does anyone know where we can update this no longer made machine. They left us high and dry. Not what I expected when I spent close to $4000 The Stitch D cards aren't the same as the programable memory cards. Hope you found what you need, hope I find what I need. Thanks, grami fran
I work at a dealer's store. You may want to try your dealer. Sometimes a machine will not work anymore and they still have the cards. Or maybe your dealer can special order them. As far as updates, again your dealer can do that otherwise you just have to connect the machine to your computer, access the husqvarna viking english website and just find the update online.

Denise: I am very new to this site. I just happen to have some Viking 1+ cassettes for sale. They are

E, F, N,  Each is $35 plus shipping

Interchangeable cassettes: B-Letter: D-Decorative Stitches: L-Omni-motion and  Each $25. plus shipping

I also have designs that come in a heavy binder with card

#3   Viking# 412 4170 01  $35.

#4   Viking # 412 4171 01 $35.

#21 Viking # 412 5340 01 $35. All plus shipping

Thanks: Name is Edythe Santucci --

When I purchased my Designer 1 five years ago, it required casettes.  Shortly after I purchased the 3D professional software the fellow at our local quilt shop suggested I convert my machine to a USB plug vice the cassettes.  I hadn't used my casettes all that much and already I had to purchase a stand alone drive to accept the 'floppy disks' in order to connect them to my laptop.  I was nervous at first but I dropped my machine off and haven't looked back.   Now I can download designs from my favourite embroidery website, save them to the memory stick and load them directly into my machine.  My favourite website is much cheaper and far more diverse than anything I've found on disk.  I think the cost to convert was about $135 and worth every penny.


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