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I am interested in buying an industrial sewing machine. My dad has lots of carhartt work cloths and is always getting holes on one spot or another. My basic sewing machine can't seem to handle it very well. Does anyone know of a good brand? Any advise would be so helpful!

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Hi Emily,

You don't necessarily need an industrial sewing machine to sew heavy duty fabrics. I have a basic model Husqavarna that will sew through just about anything. I also used to have a 1960's Husqavarna (purchased used for $50) that would have been excellent for repairs on work clothes.

That having been said, heck if I had a chance to get an industrial sewing machine I would do it!
I wanted an industrial machine, until I found out that most just do straight stitch.
I got a great hybrid of industrial and home machines: a "Pro-sumer" machine.
It sews fast like an industrial machine and has zig-zag and decorative stitches, too. I love it.
Its the Janome Memory Craft 6500 Professional.
Check it out.
I got mine at a regular sew & vac store that carried Pfaff and Janome.
Good luck & Happy New Year!
I love my Juki industrial SM. It sews through layers of thick fabric - leather, denim, upholster fabric. I've used them all, and the Juki stays up with me. Sewing about 5000 stitches per minute, it's fast and a workhorse. It only performs a straight stitch, but it does it well.


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