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hello to all:

I am new to this group but am really needing help. my serger just will not stay threaded. it will sew for approximately 6 " and then comes unthreaded. I am not new to sergers as i have had one for many years. can anyone offer suggestions? thanx, Jackie

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Need more information then what your giving. Is the thread breaking and at what point and are all the threads breaking or just one or two?
actually, they are not breaking but the thread is balling up and will not sew. thanx, jackie
and possibly there is a small thread caught up in the "way" where the thread is threaded from and to....Usually a small brush between the four round knobs can be brushed out of anything debris that might cause the thread to "ball" up on you.
Thread breaks reasons are use good thread your thread is rotten or cheap change the needles, thread is caught or catching, knotted or tangled on spools, loopers, ect. Burr on upper or ower looper or needle plate, defective needles.

Needle thread breaks us better quality thread, lower looper thread is threaded incorrectly defective needles, needles not inserted correctly.
could it be that the thread is *breaking* ?? if so, i would check that you are using the same thread in every needle/looper. i've found that if even one is different i have problems with breakage. or, if they are all the same, then you might consider using a different brand of thread. i've also found that the cheaper discount thread (the ones in the dollar bins at joann's for example) tend to break more easily ...

just my 2 cents
thanks jodijean. i had not thought of that but will check it out in the a.m. jackie
My Pfaff Hobbylock does this same thing when one (or both) of the needles is the least bit bent.
You might try changing the needles, clean all the lint (I use small painter's sable brush) from below and rethread, making sure it is correct.
Hope you have success; as I know it can be frustrating.
I was happy to have received this note from the original poster earlier today:

"a big thank you goes out to those of you who sent suggestions as to what my serger problem could be. I took all of them into consideration, backed my ears yesterday and determined to get it to serge. I gave it a thorough cleaning, oiled the 1 place required, even consulted my book to make sure i was threading it properly and guess what. It sewed like a charm. thanks again, jackie hubert"
Are you threading your serger in the correct order - loopers before needles? If you break a thread, make sure the needle threads are NOT still under the needle plate. Make sure you bring them to the top and out behind the presser foot BEFORE threading the loopers, or the looper threads will tangle underneath and break in about 6" of sewing.
Many, many thanks for your post, Katriina! I have been wrestling with my serger on and off for days! I didn't know that the needles being threaded before the lower looper was the reason my lower looper kept breaking. Thank you!
Hi, I had that parblem, and after using the mesh thread nets, I was able to serger without the thread coming out of tension. Have you tried one yet? It may help, hope so.
Always be sure that your presser foot is up when threading your serger to release the tension disks. With my serger, a Pfaff, the slightest bit of thread in the tension disks can cause havoc to rein. Also, be sure to clean your serger thoroughly under the feed dogs and oil after each project. I got in the habit of changing needles when I change projects. Also, be sure that you are using the right size needle for the fabric. My DH gave me mini vacumn attachments for Christmas this year for cleaning my machines. I only use Maxi-Lock thread for serging & Pearl Crown Rayon when doing specialty designs. I also only use Schmetz needles in all of my machines.


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