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hello to all:

I am new to this group but am really needing help. my serger just will not stay threaded. it will sew for approximately 6 " and then comes unthreaded. I am not new to sergers as i have had one for many years. can anyone offer suggestions? thanx, Jackie

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Hi. I am new to this group, but have had a serger for about 2-3 years now. I am not a stranger to the problem you are having. I started out by buying a new Euro-Pro, because it was fairly inexpensive, and because it was my first, and I wanted to not invest a lot of money in something that I would not use a whole lot. Well, it worked good for a few months, but then the thing messed up. It kept breaking the thread after sewing about 6". I took it to a friend of mine who works at a fabric store, and who is experienced in sergers, as she has sewn for over 40 years. Even she was perplexed. I broke down and took it to my local Bernina dealer, because he is the only sewing machine/serger dealer in my area. He is VERY trustworthy, and has a good reputation for not ripping people off. I told him to take a look at it and to let me know if it was gonna cost a big bunch of bucks to fix it, or would it be cheaper to buy a new one. He fixed it for about $80. It had "jumped time". Well, it worked fine for a couple more months, and finally messed up again. I took the serger, threads still on their spool holders, with 2 NEW needles to my fabric store friend again, and I gave it to her. I was not gonna sink anymore money into it, and she could probably fix it and sell it, which I would rather do than just to throw it away. I watched for several weeks on ebay, and got me a new Janome for a little over a hundred. Still in the sealed box and everything. Since then, I have taken it to my Bernina dealer again, but only to have him teach me how to THREAD IT!!! Now, I can thread it.....have absolutely no problems with it and would not get rid of it for the world! I hope yours works out.


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