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I am not new to sewing, but it is so far between when I sew things that I would by no means consider myself an expert on it. I have a sewing machine which I have used the most in the past, and I have a serger that is new. I have a simple dress cut out & was wondering if I can sew it all on the serger or can I baste on a serger without having to unthread three of the needles. Is any of that possible? I looked at my little book, but I'm not finding any fast answers. Also, the fabric is stretchy polyester. Any help will be appreciated!

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Hi Terri
Most sergers you can not machine baste. You can serge the whole garment but if it has a side slit pocket, I would sew around the pocket opening with sew machine, for it to lie flat.

I recently purchased a Janome 12000 Professional serger. I have had various sergers, over a 25 year period. This one the instructions are too confusing, actually packed it up and took it back to the store a couple days after I purchased it. Wanted to exchange it for less complicated serger but they would not do that because they would have refund me the cash difference. So I'm stuck learning like it or not!
Thank you!
sewing with the serger is definitely the way to go with stretchy fabric it keeps the stretch without any threads breaking. I usually baste on the machine, and then finish by serging over the top. I dont know if you can baste on a serger, but if you have the machine handy I would just use them both.. it is probably easier just to go from one to the other instead of messing around with settings.. Good luck!
Thank you!


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