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I have barely any knowledge of sewing machines, but would love to learn to sew clothes and bags mainly, and want a RELIABLE sewing machine above anything else.
I guess I need an easy button h*** stitch and a straight and zig-zag - what else would you recommend?

So far, the Brother BC2100 and Brother Innov-Is 10A look pretty good. Has anyone any views on these as I can't find a review???
My budget is $350
Thanks in advance for any help!

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I recently purchased an older but beautifully running viking/husqvarna for my sister. It is a basic machine, but it has teflon coated steel gears.... that sew through most everything.

Also, it is not computerized, but you can sew curtains and jeans. If you look through the sales on-line, you can find a good machine quite often, but try to find one that you can look at before you purchase. craigslist is good for local items, I check our local listings on it at least once a week.

Also, go to the local sewing machine stores, ask for demonstrations, but don't buy one when you see it. Wait a few days, don't be pressured into buying one.

The only thing I would say you do NOT want to do is to buy it from the big department stores. There's no one there who will be able to ever fix it! Check out the Jo-Ann's fabric stores if there is one near you. Many of them have a small sewing machine in-store center, that is an independent sales & service place within the store.

Finally, best of luck. My first sewing machine was a steel gears machine, and I still have it and use it, 40 years later. ~

I just bought a backup machine to sew jeans and purses with. I didn't want to use my highend sewing and embroidery machine. I bought a Janome 7330 this week. Last night I sewed jean darts in 7 pairs some Very thick. It sewed beautifully and it has a high position on foot which makes this possible.


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