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This is the cutest! What a great way to bring smiles on Thanksgiving. I just love the "pockets" for the silverware in the tail feathers.
How cute is that! My grandkids would love it!
This is a "Must do" for my table, my brother and sister-in-law, and my son, daughter-in-law and my 2 beautiful grandsons! I better get busy right now. Thanks for the great ideas with patterns and instructions that I can download . Oh! what fun it is to sew!!
Adorable, just adorable. Thanks for the pattern/instruction downloads.
This is sooo cute! I am going to make one for each grandchild (5) to use on Thanksgiving. Thank ou so much for pposting this idea!
I love him, just added him to my to do list !1
What a great pattern!!! Has anyone made the placemats yet? Can we use a serger to make them?
I got mine cut out !!!!
cindy H
Post pictures!!!! It would be so cool to see the different placemats, fabrics etc!!!
Cute. I like that. Thanks so much for the free instructions AND PATTERN!!!!
Thanks for the great pattern!
too cute!


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