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I love this!!!! My favorite things to sew are Holiday and Special Occasion items. (Birthdays are my most favorite)
I think these items will create memories for years to come. Children will remember these and more than likely have photos of them. Hopefully these things will inspire our children to want to create memories for their children. Items like this are what keep sewing alive.
I have appliqued Turkeys on shirts, dresses and bibs for Thanksgiving, now I will be making place-mats also.
Thanks for sharing!

Those are so cute ! I great way to fix up any table for thanksgiving day.
Oh what a wonderful pattern. My grandson is coming this weekend. I need to whip up one of these soon! I don't have any of these colors in my stash however. I am not much on the fall color person. My eye tends toward brights and lots of color.
I do think this is the cutest though.


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