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A question posed by Sue Mitchell:

"I am a very new sewer have not touched a sewing machine since 7th grade. I have a basic Singer to learn on, every time I try to sew the thread tangles up in to a huge mess ( both top and bobbin thread. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Sue"

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Sounds like you might not be threading the machine properly. Do you have the book that came with the machine.
- Check that you are passing the thread thru all the right places and in the right order.
- Make sure that the pressure foot is in the UP position when threading your machine.
- Check that the tension dial is set at the middle number, i.e. my machine uses 4 as the normal tension. (Then you can try adjusting your tension after you get it sewing properly)
- Also make sure that you are using the same type of thread top and in the bobbin.
- Before starting to sew, make sure the two ends are out about 3-4" long and positioned under the presser foot to the back right...I sometimes hold them to make sure that they don't pull back and tangle up..and try sewing 2 or 3 stitches before letting go.
That's all I can think to suggest. Maybe someone else will have other suggestions.
I am another newbie who is learning by trial, but I thought I would try to help. Make sure you are holding onto the bottom and top thread before starting your stitch. Pull out enough thread on the top and bottom to allow you to hold them. Once it lays down a stich or two you can release. I find if I don't do this on one of my machines that the thread gets into a giant wad half the time.

The other suggestion is to undo and redo both threads (top and bottom). I find the threading on the bobbin to be the culprit a lot of time. I will try this three times before I walk away from either machine and come back later with a clear head. On my machine you really can't change the bottom tension, so it's generally user error on my end! :-> Good luck!
It probably is user error !1 I will master this! and try all of your tips. I think I have it threaded correctly but will start again. Thank you for the advice
I found some videos on how to thread a sewing machine. Maybe these will give you some tips on what you could be doing wrong. Here's the link to a bunch of videos. HTHs
Thank you maybe visual is better!


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