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Valentine Heart Wreath Sewing Project

Valentines Day is just around the corner. Try this wreath for a nice touch.

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I have hearts for 2 wreaths all done, stuffed and sewn to find the right application for me, to put this all together! I love how the hearts turned out! I hope to get these done this weekend!
(I will post a picture once they are done)
LOL! Yes please post a pic!!!!!

The hardest part was PLACING the hearts.....HOW? I had real issues with this! ?? For the back I got a metal coat hanger and shaped it like a heart...put a fabric casing over it. I thought if this is outside I don't want it glued on cardboard...even though now I realize it would have been way easier. I hand stitched each heart on to the fabric. Everyone else seems to like it. That is the most important...the end result! Now I am off to make a few little dresses for little girls for my charity sewing. Jane
Jane, charming heart display! Liked your idea about coat hanger wire but it is splippery stuff to work with isn't it!! Glad to know someone else has decided handstitching instead of glueing and succeeded!
This is cute, colorful, and easy! Just what I need for a quick door decoration. you could even decorate the hearts with stick on letters ,or iron-ons. Some of the demensional scrapbook embellishments could also be used .
Perfect timing for the post ,too; I'm in dire need of a ' fun sewing' fix!
Lost my post in cyber space! My hearts are collecting and I have a suggestion about shaping them.
I tried using my special scalloping shears in the initial cutting and decided that it would be best to cut them a smidgen larger with regular shears; stitch the two together and then do the fancy trim before putting the filler in.

I also have been pondering about fastening them onto the wreath. I decided to use some peach carpet thread I have to close the opening with a few stitches and then leave two ends long enough to draw them through the wreath to the back side and tie them. It seems to me that a nice angle to each will be achieved. Besides I am not fond of hot glue! :)
My finished Valentine Wreath is hanging on our Front Door and the breeze is making the ribbons flutter.
It is protected from direct snow and shows up nicely at night with the light on overhead.

FYI: Jane, I ended up covering the grape vine wreath with fabric (see the photos I posted.) It made it a lot easier to plae and stitch the hearts in place.

I looked at all the small remnants, and not being a quilter, I made smaller and smaller hearts to tuck in among the 4 & 5 inchers! :)
Thank you for sharing your heart wreath ideas!

I like the idea of the wreath...tying on stitching the hearts on
I like the idea of smaller hearts inbetween....I will try that next time.
Where did you post the pictures?



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