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walking foot for model 1980: 158.19800 or 158.19801 or 158.19802

First, hello everyone!  I have the above model of Kenmore.  It was my mom's; she passed it along to me when she got a lighter portable to take places.  As some of you would know, this model is portable, h e a v y.  lol

I have been searching around on the net and can't find the answer.  I have a quilting attachment to this machine for just straight stitching with a guide.  I was wondering about a walking foot or roller foot?  Does anyone know where and what kind/model number I need for this machine, or if there is one? 



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Judi- My name is Gale and I have a site you should be able to find your walking foot on.  It is the Sears Kenmore site and the link is below.  They have two listed, one should be your foot.  The third is for a sewing/embroidery machine, the cost is $25.99 and you might be able to get it at a Sears near you or have them order it or order it from the site.  Good luck.

Gale Rowland;_ylc=X3oDMTIzaDRvMWRsBF9TAzc4NDcxN...


Thank you!  After reading over that site and researching some more, I stumbled across a site, and it had a handy dandy feature where you could look up exactly which foot you needed for your machine.  My model takes a Kenmore super high shank foot. read -special-.  :P  But they had one, ordered it, and it was right!  So happy.  



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