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Since this group is for addicts....  and we all should probably banned from the fabric stores...  our debit and credit cards taken away LOL!   I thought it would be fun to read all of our confessions lol!

Everyone is invited to tell the rest of the group what you most recent binge entailed.  What did you buy?  Why?  Was it on sale?  Good deal?  What will you do with it?  

I'll go first...  I am pretty sure my other half will never read this lol.

The local fabric franchise was having a buy one, get 2 free sale on polar fleece.  How could anyone REALLY refrain from taking advantage of that?  I didn't break the bank, but, I did end up with 12 meters for the price of 4.  Nice deal!   I bought the youngest boy bright orange fleece with black paw prints - made him a bathrobe lol!  Sounds wild but that's what he wanted and he loves it.  I bought some really fresh looking fuschia flowery fleece for child #4 and that will be for pj's for her.  Then I found some black fleece with multi colored paw prints all over it for the dog - yes, pathetic I know.  And lastly I found some nice double sided fleece in grey for ME.  So far, I made a sad looking poncho that my other half won't let me out of the house with.  I wear it while watching tv.  I don't care, it's comfy and warm.  

Oh and there was a 65% off sale on notions.  Enough said.

Who's next?  Fess up!  

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Since I don't have any local fabric shops I buy almost everything online. My obsession is Moda fabrics and I like to buy charm packs and jelly rolls. I do mostly scrap quilts so this works great for me and I just keep my eyes open for sales. Plus I have found that the shipping cost is usually less than my state tax so I save there too.
You can't really go wrong with Moda can you!
Oops I forgot about the home dec fabric.... buy one get 2. Still sitting on my shelf.
My most recent fabric purchase was at, where I designed my own fabric and had a couple of yards printed up to make Christmas gifts from. Beware if you have never designed your own fabric it is almost as addictive as collecting fabric!
I will definitely have to cut up the cc's now. Been wanting to do this for a while.
Oh my gosh!!! I am in trouble now! I can not wait to design some custom fabric! Wow! How fun!
A couple months ago a fabric store in a rural community that had been in business for 20+ years and had been closed for 3 years was auctioning off all their inventory. Talking about hoarders, this shop should have been on the TV. Disappointed in the fabrics so I bought just about everything else. I bought a garbage bag of silks for $4.00. I got several bolts of lace for $4.00 each and lace trim by the totes full. I left the auction with a overflowing truckload for $399.00. I got a trash can full of zippers, a laundry basket of tassells, a laundry basket full of rickrack, several bags of buttons and the list goes on. I spent a little more cause I got first choice on what I wanted. I am now sorting through the tassels, next will be the zippers.

By the end of the auction they were selling off rooms that were stacked to the ceiling of bags of who knows what. A friend bought a little room for $5.00!! I went and helped her load it all up the next day, a full truckload. She gave me some of her goodies.

I know this was a once in a lifetime experience.
OMG! I can't imagine. WOW
Looks like you hit the fabric lotto LOL
Dream come true!
And, r u planning on an auction yourself?
I should but just busy going through everything and selling what I don't need or what I will never use in my lifetime.


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