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Since this group is for addicts....  and we all should probably banned from the fabric stores...  our debit and credit cards taken away LOL!   I thought it would be fun to read all of our confessions lol!

Everyone is invited to tell the rest of the group what you most recent binge entailed.  What did you buy?  Why?  Was it on sale?  Good deal?  What will you do with it?  

I'll go first...  I am pretty sure my other half will never read this lol.

The local fabric franchise was having a buy one, get 2 free sale on polar fleece.  How could anyone REALLY refrain from taking advantage of that?  I didn't break the bank, but, I did end up with 12 meters for the price of 4.  Nice deal!   I bought the youngest boy bright orange fleece with black paw prints - made him a bathrobe lol!  Sounds wild but that's what he wanted and he loves it.  I bought some really fresh looking fuschia flowery fleece for child #4 and that will be for pj's for her.  Then I found some black fleece with multi colored paw prints all over it for the dog - yes, pathetic I know.  And lastly I found some nice double sided fleece in grey for ME.  So far, I made a sad looking poncho that my other half won't let me out of the house with.  I wear it while watching tv.  I don't care, it's comfy and warm.  

Oh and there was a 65% off sale on notions.  Enough said.

Who's next?  Fess up!  

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I Love it!!!!
I would of bought the fleece even if it wasn't on sale!
My fabric addiction is beautiful cotton paisley prints to make into great tote bags.
Your tote bags are gorgeous. So you have goood taste in fabric Patricia ;)
My name is Helen and I'm a Fariholic!!. I cannot walk past a Fabric Shop without having just a "little"look inside. And then of course I have to have that lovely piece, just because I like it. As for internet,because I live outside USA I can only afford their sale items,which is fine, cause I just buy almost everything going lol.I now have a bedroom/sewing room full of fabric. Now, what was that special at the beginning of the page?
Buy one get two free got me 4 meters of stretch wide lace when I needed less than one for a bridal garter and don't get me started on the buy one get two free novelty button collections I ended up with. Actually I seldom use those as buttons, I cut off the shanks(if they have them) with flush cutters from my jewelry supplies and glue them on ornaments or other crafts. Then there's..... I better stop before my dh ends up reading this over my shoulder lol
I only have JoAnns fabric and craft; everything else is gone. Always stocking up on fabrics and patterns there. Fabric Mart and Fabric masters have been good for me also; but since I am only 1 hour from NYC via Long Island Rail where I can find everything and being a former garment district employee with a degree in art and design. I have stored fabric in the truck of my car until my husband left for work LOL. Yes my husband said I am a fabric hoarders. I am finally slowing down. I have so much fabric I had to sell some to my sewing students so their mothers did not but the wrong stuff.
LOL at storing it in your trunk till hubby left for work.
I went to get heat and bond and spent $60! There was a 50% sale on cottons and buttons were half off. I saved about $60 so I figure that means I really spent nothing! That's my justification and I'm sticking to it!
Well most of my stash is older than most of you. I have bought fabric because it talks to me and I have to have it. I may or may not have a project in mind when I get it but this does not stop me from getting it. I have a 10x10 storage building that has stacks of rubber-maid totes full of fabrics. I have fabric that I bought for my sons who are now 38 and 35 that I thought that they wanted... but mom's taste is nowhere near theirs so it is still there. I have tested it occasionally and there is no signs of disintegration so it is still in the stash. I still shop and still stock pile. I am self employed and don't have much time for myself so one of these days I will be able to sew for just me and then I still will have fabric left over for my granddaughters to have when I am gone. LOL
My kind of woman. I should post a pic of my fab room. Thats just the beginning. I have a shed w/ many fabs. and projects that one day I will get to. Just finished telling my customers I only sew for love and art now. Have one major contract Im keeping, but that is it. Bought a new machine 4 mo. ago I havent even tried out yet. Ready to roll. Hope I can keep my resolve.
If you ever want to reduce your stash, or even just have a stash party where we can all come over and salivate over your goodies Please please please invite me. I used to own a vintage clothing store and had lots of vintage fabrics too. Wish I never sold the fabrics I did, but I wasn't into sewing/quilting at the time.
Is there such a thing as a fabric consignment shop? I need to unload some fabric! Of course, I would probably end up buying as much, if not more, than I sold! lol


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