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Do you love sturdy crisp cottons?  Winter fleece?  Twill?  Bamboo?  Canvas?  Knits?  Rayon?  Linen?  Pique?  Satin?  Silk?  Microfiber?  Oilcloth?  Minky?  Lycra?  Spandex?  Organza?  Polycotton?  


What do you love to sew with, and why?  



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Right now, I'm loving to sew flannel. I have made baby blankets, burp cloths, and now Im making matching nightgowns for my granddaughters.
Hey I am making burp cloths right now too :)  I made 4 this morning for my new niece who was born yesterday.  Flannel is easy to sew with, YAY!
hi what kind of fabric are you using for the burp cloths and what kind of pattern? I need to make some for my soon to be grandchild. thanks

I'm new here .... but I make them also, use a cute cotton print on top, put a soft batting inside,

then the back can be flannel or cotton or whatever you like.  I got my pattern online many

months ago :)

I mostly sew with cottons right now, because that is what I am most comfortable with.   However, I am starting to explore other fabrics. As my comfort zone expands I am sure I will add to my favorite fabric list.
I want to try sewing with knits. A little scared, lol. Anyone have some tips to get me started?
Knits are generally a dream to work with!  They don't ravel (unless maybe you're dealing with a sweater knit someone did by hand -- where the cut yarns would be likely to "run"), and they'll automatically compensate (because of the "stretch" that is built into the knit) for a lot of fitting problems.  Standard advice is to use a ball-point sewing needle (designed for knits) -- they tend to slip between the knitted yarns rather than pierce them.  For seams that might get stress in the same direction as the stitching line, it's a good idea to stitch with an elongated-but-narrow zig-zag stitch so there is some extra thread in the seam to allow for "give".  For seams that you want to stabilize (like maybe the shoulder) you can stitch in some clear elastic so the seam will return to the desired length consistently.  Pick a pattern that doesn't require a lot of fussy detail and, get some expert advice at the fabric store if you need to use interfacing anywhere so you get the right stuff.  (Iron-on interfacing might be a really bad choice.)
thanks so much for the tips, Cheryl!
I like sewing with Cotton, Fleece and Flannel.. all seem easy to work with.. I enjoy sewing with the Fleece and Flannel for the babies and cotton for crafts..
Joan! Your baby blanket is made from the same flannel as one that I just made! Cute!
I love working w/100% cotton, flannel is my second and then comes fleece.  I made doggie beds w/fleece.
I love to sew with whatever fabric inspires me.  Now I must admit that super squirrely sheer stuff that requires a hand-rolled hem wouldn't be something I'd choose because I'd find something else that was inspirational and didn't call for the patience of Job.  LOL 


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