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Hello folks,


It's great to be amongst others who do alterations. I have been running my business now for 2 yrs & am going from strength to strength. I love the variety of work that I get, sometimes I even have the joy of creating an outfit/item from scratch!!

I was wondering if there was anyone else here who is from the UK? I look forward to gaining some helpful hints & tips from you lovely ladies.


Warmest Regards

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Hi Angela. I do alterations also, but I am in he U.S. I also get to create items from scratch. I do a lot of alterations on children's private school uniforms. One is a Catholic School and I do a lot of costumes for the children for school functions. It's fun to see the children's faces when they pick up their costume! I really enjoy what I do. There are so many great seamstresses here that do tutorials. I have learned a lot and am glad to have sites like this! Happy sewing.
Linda in Florida USA


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