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I do wedding alterations, bride, bmaid, MOB, MOG, flower girl, prom etc...formal wear. As the season winds down, so is work. What have others done to find more work? I have always relied on word of mouth, has anyone found a successful source on the internet for finding clients? Craigslist, PACC, Costumer's Guild.....Which would you avoid? I attend the January Bridal Fair, and have gone to several shops, Bridal and non Bridal, I chat people up where ever I go.

I also do riding leathers and some custom work. I am usu too busy w/ Bridal to take on a lot of custom work....anyway back to work....gown to finish...

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I do primarily alterations and keep about as busy as I lilke with just word of mouth. However, I do advertise in the local paper on a weekly basis, just a small ad to keep my name out there. (It is quite reasonably priced). Also I make posters on my computer and post on local bulletin boards. If the board is accessible to the prospective client use the format with the little tear off strips at the bottom. Also just leaving your business cards around helps too - especially at fabric stores. Hope this helps.

Have you tried posting flyers in local businesses that have bulletin boards? Leave business cards at the fabric stores and dress shops. I made refrigerator magnets out of business cards and give one to every new client. Some businesses didn't have a bulletin board so I made a small business card holder which they had on their counter with a supply of cards in it. Word of mouth is the most effective way though. It takes time to build your customer base. If I was looking for internet access I would try craigslist.


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