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I have owned a Babylock Ellageo for a little over a year and LOVE it. I have made many projects; one thing I want to try soon is freestanding lace (when I get the time).

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Hi Carrie. I've actually used my BL to make freestanding lace. I make lace to put on the bottom of blessing gowns.....I had trouble finding designs for the lace I wanted but I kept searching and came by some. I like so much better than what I can buy at the local Joann's. It doesn't look cheap! You'll love making freestanding items. I'd love to see what you do when you get them done. Lorri
I make free standing lace also - most times for ballet costumes. Jenny Haskins and Martha Pullen both have beautiful designs. I have an Ellageo and LOVE it too!!
I have the Ellageo Esg 3 and love it too! Thinking of upgrading to the Elegante2, but not sure I need to spend the $
I have the Ellageo and since I bought it in 2002, I have had several surgeries and health issues so I haven't had the time or energy to even touch the machine. However, I am getting better now, and plan to get back to sewing. Since I bought this machine though, so much has come in the way of improvements on the newer machines. I'm going to be satisfied with this one though, and I need to learn about using it asap. I'll probably be asking lots of dumb questions on this board.........

Good luck with using your Ellageo.
Hi Carrie! I just joined this group and I to have a Babylock Ellageo and I think it is part of my body...LOL! I have sewed the dickens out of it and it is one terrific machine! I have to give it up for a few weeks to finally have it cleaned and serviced....I do some of that myself, but the time comes when the professional is needed to do a clean sweep of it! I do a lot of different things with my machine...I even thread paint with it and I love to try new techniques all the time! I bet we will enjoy this group!


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