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Cheri McNealy sent this question in:

"Can anyone tell me how to use the Sulky threads successfully - without breakage? I've got a new BabyLock Quest machine [if that helps] - I'd like to incorporate the Sulky shiny thread more often in some of my projects but like metallic threads, I don't seem to be able to get the hang of it.

Do I need a special sized needle? Longer stitch? More/less tension?

Same goes for the metallic threads - HOW do you use them successfully in a project?


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I have the Ellegante, and had problems with metallic threads breaking.
I bought the " magic Thread Guide" from
It was $12.49 it works pretty good.

Look in the section of " Accessories, Gadgets, Gifts, Notions.

I used the mettalic needle, I can't remember the size. I used the maderia needles.

It's the thread, not the machine. i forget which Shiny metallic Sulky thread is better but Holoshimmer is the one i think most likely to break. There is a bottle of lubricant you can buy at sewing stores. i think it has an applicator. You rub it on the side of the spool and needle ( not too much ) and this is supposed to help. I think you have to make the tension looser, also
on the Ellelgante, doesn't your machine allow settings for different thread types?


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