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I just purchased this machine - BL Grace A-line Series (BL40A) but it is on back order so I won't actually receive it for a few weeks. However I can not find a single review on this machine. I have seen in some forums that this is the old Baby Lock Creative Pro and by looking in the old products section on the website it is identical. Even with this knowledge I can't find a review on the BL Creative Pro (BL40) either. Does anyone have any experience or know the quality of this machine? I've attached a link to the machine - Babylock Grace. I purchased from a reputable local dealer in GA. Help please! I still have time to return if I need to do so.

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I'm sorry Edris but I don't know anything about that machine. I just bought my first BL 3 months ago and this is the first I have used a BL. I love mine, it sews like a dream. I have the Eleganta. Good luck. Cathy
Have you checked on PatternReview? There you can check on reviews on different machines. Or just do a google search on that machine.

I finally found some information in this string - Click here. It looks like this is made by Brother - can anyone else confirm this? Hmm.....I may have to step over to the Bernina. Ahh decisions, decisions.... I'm still surprised there is not more information out there regarding this machine or it's predecessor.
I think this is made by Babylock- I have heard this name.

Have you checked on the babylock's website.?

Donna - Yes I have checked the BL website. I did test drive the Babylock Grace before purchasing. It seems like a solid little machine. I am upgrading from my mom's 1980's Singer which still works by the way. I am just nervous because I can't find any real reviews. Let me know if anyone finds anything.
I love this machine. Easy to use, once you get used to all the features. Babylock is a great product. I got a great deal on it at a home show. I wasn't even planning to buy a machine but I am glad that I did.
Hi, i don't own the Grace Machine but was at a sewing club tonite and someone there just bought one.and likes it better than her 1 y/o PFAFF. Grace is a BABYLOCK. She said she was afraid to take it out of the box, at 1st, but her non-sewing son threaded it and started sewing. Now she really likes it. Around here it is really popular; the local BL dealer is currently sold out. Why Would you return it ? BL has a great rep for few repairs and problems.
Thanks for all your help ladies. When my machine comes in I will let you know how it runs. Quick clarification about when I said this was made by Brother. If you look at the Brother Innovis 40 (Project Runway Limited Edition) it looks extremely similar to the Babylock Grace - it looks like the same company made the machines because the look and specs are very close.
Sue - this machine was sold out at my local Babylock/Bernina dealer too, that's why I don't have it yet.
You will love your Baby Lock. Be sure to take the lessons offered, but I"ve had 3 babylocks and never had a problem with them. I have two Bernina 's that sit, one is lightweight and i'll take it to class, but that's the only reason why. I love babylock.....the others are great machines,but I feel like I"m driving a well loved machine. It's comfortable. I sit at one of my Bernina's and it's not comfortable to sew on....not sure why....good luck.....I truly think you've made a great choice.
I have an Elligante2 and love it as much now as when I first bought it. Lately I've thought about buying the Grace, too, because it would be much easier to transport when I meet with other ladies to sew. I'm very interested in the reviews of those who have or are getting the Grace.


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