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Hi everyone, I NEED HELP?? I bought a Artista 180 (second hand), and I am struggling to connect to my pc, I'm using Artlink 6.0 and when I try to connect to my pc I get an error "no link to the serial port".. any suggestions please??

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Is your Artlink 6 the newest version? Make sure you check that out (BERNINA web site) - is your connection to your pc a usb? If so, try putting it into a different usb port and try going through the serial ports again. That really seemed like that was the problem (with the message that you are getting). If all else fails, try having your BERNINA plugged in, turned on, then boot up your pc...plug and pray, you know.

I phoned Bernina this morning and it seems that the problem is that my operating system on my pc is too fast, I'm using Windows 7, so I tried my sons laptop, which still runs on Windows 98, and it word fine... thanks for your help though...

Really glad you got it figured out...strange for sure. I have Win 7 on my laptop and pc and have my Bernina set up for both computers. Have fun with all the embroidery files out there  :-)


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