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Considering the incredible number of features packed into this do-it-all sewing machine, it's quite reasonably priced and prepared to help beginners and advanced sewers create projects as varied as pillow cushions and drapes to runway-ready fashion gowns and designer jeans.

Brother PC420 PRW Stitch Patterns 

The number and variety of stitch patterns available on this sewing machine are designed to offer as much opportunity for creativity as possible. There are 294 built-in stitches not counting stitch functions (width, length, and direction variations of built-in stitches). 

  • 67 of the most used utility stitches
  • 31 decorative stitches including heirloom, smocking, hearts, vines, and scrolls
  • 16 satin stitches that can be increased up to five times their normal size
  • 10 one-step automatic buttonhole styles
  • 55 letters and characters in 3 different fonts (Gothic, Script and Outline)

The Brother PC420 PRW also includes the My Custom Stitch creation program is also included which lets you design and save your own stitch creations to your sewing machine. Combining patterns of individual stitches is also possible so a heart design can be woven intermittently along a string of satin scallop stitches. Many stitches can also have the mirror or reverse function applied to make the stitch face in either direction.

Brother PC420 Project Runway Presser Feet 

One of the most popular presser feet today is the Walking Foot which applies a top layer of feed dogs to thicker fabrics and quilting materials as they move through the sewing machine. This makes for a more consistent flow and even stitches.

This machine comes with the walking foot as well as 12 other snap-on style presser feet: buttonhole, overcasting, monogramming, zipper, zigzag, blind stitch, button fitting, stitch guide foot, adjustable zipper/piping foot, non-stick foot and an open toe foot.

Brother PC420 Project Runway Features 

  • A solid, 6 point feed dog system enables all kinds of fabrics to move easily through the machine and set up is very easy. Lots of push button controls and automation provide a great sewing experience. 
  • The Brother PC420 comes with an automatic needle threader, a twin needle function, quick-set top loading bobbin, adjustable thread tension, 14 needle positions, and a speed control slider in case the maximum 850 stitches per minute is too much for delicate projects.
  • There is a programmable thread trimmer, a start/stop button for sewing without the foot pedal, a drop feed dog lever, a reverse/reinforce button, and you can set the needle to stop in the up or the down position as needed.
  • The Brother PC420 sewing machine comes with a knee lifter, too - a rod and pad that attach to the bottom of the sewing machine so that you can lift the presser feet with your knee instead of your hands. The machine does operate without the knee lifter for those who don't like using one.
  • An LCD control panel is used for stitch selection and settings. There's even a help button which will scroll threading and bobbin winding instructions.
  • The Brother PC420 PRW has a bright work lamp and built-in carry handle.
  • All of the machine's accessories are nicely organized in a tray within the extension table that has built-in slots for each item.

The Brother PC420 PRW sewing machine is solid and long-lasting. It would be very difficult for most sewers to outgrow the built-in functionality no matter what types of projects they wanted to tackle.

See how the Brother PC420 PRW stacks up against comparable sewing machines through this link: Brother PC420 PRW. Find out how to get the best deal, read in-depth reviews of features and functionality, and compare sewing machines at:

By Erin Lynn Rhodes

Do you own this machine?  Do you like it?

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I just bought this machine from a lady on ebay and have been sewing like crazy on it. I absolutely love it. My other machine is a pfaff and between the two machines...I'm set to go.   I love the threader, push a button, knee lifter to keep hands free while sewing, just the ease of use. I meant a woman in quilting camp and she told me about it.


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