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HI All,

I've had my Brother machine for years and I have yet to use the blind hemming function and the scalloped stitch feature.  I always use a handstitch.  But my friend just came to me with a fancy dress to wear to a wedding that she needs shortened.  It is heavily pleated, and the original hem looks like a tight (almost scalloped) edged hem.  I think it would look much nicer if I finished it the same way that it is now. It'll probably hang better than if I folded it up and handstitched it.  And all that pleating won't have to be pressed back into place!

Has anyone tried to do a scalloped hem on a Brother machine?  Does it turn out nicely?  I don't want to wreck suck a pretty (and expensive) dress.  I think I might just practice on a similar satin, scallop it and then trim the excess and see how it looks.

Also, has anyone tried the blind hem stitch?  Looks like it would be faster than me handstitching it all the time. 

I really should start using more of those functions. Heh, I feel like such a newb. :)

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