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"I have a Brother sewing machine that I don't understand the instructions on how to thread my bobbin"

Sent in by Lorraine Mosley

"I know how to sew, but I have a Brother sewing machine that I don't understand the instructions on how to thread my bobbin and using the attachements. I had a 1963 Sears sewing machine so I only know the old fashioned machines, who can show me how to thread my bobbin, I have been sewing with it but the bobbin is all messed up when I sew so I have to keep on threading my needle as the thread keeps breaking....I just need hands on showing and then I will be fine, but the instructions that came with the machine are not clear for some reason, I can sew but it is the use of the machine that is my problem......Please advise me I have asked Joannes' fabric store but they are not willing to show me, where can I go........Help Thank you so much for your kindness and help...Lorraine Mosley"

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hello, i have a brother 4000c and a brother innovis 900d i thread my bobbin by putting setting up as you normally would... i follow the bobbin thread guide printed on my machine, BUT..i put the thread thru the h*** of the bobbin the i pull the thread up. lock the bobbin in place..while i'm holding the thread up i start the winding of the bobbin after a few seconds and i see its winding fine i stop, i snip the thread i was holding up with my fingers and let i go back to letting it rewind. i did'nt understand the instructions either. i to love it when i have hands on showing. hope this helps..
Lorraine, have you looked to see if there is a sewing machine dealer/repair shop in your area? It sounds like you are having difficulty winding your bobbin.


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