My Mom asked for a Memory Jacket for her 80th birthday.  She picked the jacket, the color scheme and the date for its completion.  My job was to crazy quilt and embellish with motifs of occurrences in her life.

Embellishments included everything from her "good sewing scissors" to her VW bug, to special beads for each of her children, step-children, and grand children.

More details and photos at The Destashification Project.

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What a wonderful project! 

That is really cool. I'm sure she will just love it.

Where are her good sewing scissors? or did you applique a pair on here? Not sure what I am seeing, love the color, and the lace, but couldn't get my computer to make the picture larger. Your mom must be a young 80 year old, mine is, too.

very creative, I was able to see the pictures when I clicked on the link, thanks for sharing. I would never be able to cut a pie evenly in 7 pieces, 6 or 8, but not 7.

Oh I am lovin this-the pink, the it all, very good.



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