Crazy Quilting is just so much fun - and so versatile. 

CQ Elements can be used individually or in combination to embellish every thing from garments to purses to home decor.

What do you do with Crazy Quilting Elements?

Please post photos, so we can all be inspired.

Here are a purse flap detail:and a Prom Purse:

Can't wait to see what everyone else does..

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I made some embroidered jackets using hankies for my granddaughters and loved it.  So I decided I wanted to try my hand at Crazy quilting.  So I made myself a jacket!  I love wearing it!


You must be inundated with compliments every time you wear it!

I love the butterfly!  Is it embroidered or printed on the fabric (or as we CQs do - a bit of both)?

very nice -

Very pretty...did it take along time to make the jacket?

Beautiful, Suzy!


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