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Supplies You'll need:

Print out pattern from Adobe Acrobat file located here.
14"x24" plus 6"x8" scraps for the body, I've used cotton velour and interlock knit but just about anything should do.
6"x6" plus 6"x8" scraps for head, if you only have white scraps like me try tea dying for an ethnic doll.
Bits of poly fiber-fil (the original instructions say to use wool but I wanted the doll to be able to live through the washer and dryer)
Matching thread
Very small hand sewing needle
Make sure everything has been washed and dryed so it can live through lots of hugs, kisses and hot water washes

Instructions here

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Cuuute. Definitely going to have to make my kids some of these lil guys! :) Thanks!
I would love to get the downloadable pattern and instructions for the Knotted Doll Project. But, it says that it's not available. Can you help me with this?


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