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I just experience the look and feel of Bamboo fleece. Ooooh so soft. This is a fabric that is what I call 'petable' All you want to do is pet it. Fabric is expensive though. Tried to do some research to get more details on this fabric. I did come across that some of the Bamboo fleece is woven with organic cotton. Which definitely falls into the category of eco-friendly fabric. If I were to use this fabric I would definitely not use it for the inner lining. I like being petable. LOL

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I have been researching bamboo fabric also.  It is a bit costly and would not be possible to purchase bamboo fabric to make an outfit to resell.  I would love to find that fleece.  I understand what you mean about being petable, I am the type that has to touch everything, and if I have fleece that soft I would probably wear it down from constantly touching it! hahaha  


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