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Came across another fabulous fabric that I have become intrigued with.


Silk/Cotton fabric is a blend of both fibers combining positive characteristics of each into a single textile. A lightweight, silky and comfortable weave, silk cotton has a soft hand feel and a sturdy, silken drape, along with a versatility that makes it suitable for an extended variety of garment uses. Silk/Cotton is durable enough to be machine washed and hung dry.


This fabric is simply beautiful. Although it may be considered on the expensive side, the look and  feel of this fabric makes it a little more palatable to purchase for that special garment in the making. In addition it is a fabric that can be dyed.


Pictured below is pictures of the fabric dyed in various colors. This particular fabric is called Radiance cotton/silk.

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Patricia, where did you get it?  I found some at FabricMart, but it's not the same blend.

One is an Italian  import. Here is the link. This particular fabric is extremely expensive the percent of fabric is different with 42% silk 58 % cotton.

 The fabric pictured is called Radiance cotton/silk poplin which is 45% cotton 55% silk. and was hand dye. which can be found at Also Robert Kaufmann has a line of cotton/silk blend fabrics. Most of those are referred to as Radiance cotton/silk poplin. I am under the impression that perhaps the weave may be different than just the cotton/silk considering it is more expensive or perhaps the quality of silk used for creating this fabric. I think I will try to order some samples to see the difference in appearance, quality and weave to get a better understanding on the fabric content differences. 


Also I just noticed that the Italian import fabric comes wider it is 54/55" the others are 43". Definitely more economical purchasing the wider less waste.

the 54" fabric is considered a 'home dec' width - this might also be a heavier version of the fabric - but not always. also carries several colors of the RK Radiance in the 43" width.


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