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Indigo Shibori Pillows DIY (Itajime Style Fold)

Also known as Japanese tie-dye, Indigo Shibori is demonstrated here by the…Continue

Tags: how-to, DIY, technique, method, itajime

Started by Susan Feb 22, 2016.

Wax-less Batik Dyeing Tutorial 3 Replies

 Join Rit Dye's Dianne Giancola as she presents two variations on wax-less batik dyeing in this tutorial which aired on Quilting Arts Public Television. Using rubber stamps and stencils, she shows…Continue

Tags: dyed, dye, quilting, rit, tutorial

Started by Susan. Last reply by EDITH Apr 25, 2011.

Getting the Best Results When Dyeing Fabric 4 Replies

By Trish DoornboschEventually, the serious quilter or fabric artist considers customizing their own fabric. But dyeing fabric isn't just about dunking it into a dye bath. The best results come when…Continue

Tags: cotton, wool, linen, silk, bath

Started by Susan. Last reply by Kitty Jensen Feb 19, 2011.

How to Dye Wool Felt with Kool Aid 3 Replies

"Dyeing with food dyes, including Kool Aid is a great project for…Continue

Tags: dyed, colors, acid, fibers, felt

Started by Susan. Last reply by Cheryl Dec 30, 2010.

Shiva Paintstiks on Knits?

Sent in by Marsha"Has anyone tried Shiva paintstiks on cotton blend knits? Since they are oil-based I am afraid they will leave oil-spots."Continue

Tags: oil-based, Knits, Paintstiks, Shiva

Started by Susan Mar 20, 2010.

Learn How To Dye A Rainbow Spiral made a YouTube video with iFashion some months back. The video has already had more than 36000…Continue

Tags: silk, iFashion, dye, tie, spiral

Started by Melanie Brummer Dec 23, 2009.

Fun with Fabric Dye - free ebook

Fun with Fabric Dye offered by Fav Crafts and Tulip:Included in this eBook:Rubberbanding Fabric Dye TechniqueGradation Fabric Dye TechniqueCrumple Fabric Dye TechniqueOmbre Fabric Dye TechniqueResist…Continue

Tags: ebook, Technique, Dye, Fabric

Started by Susan Nov 24, 2009.

Dyeing with Indigo 11 Replies

I've been playing with Jacquard's Indigo Dye Kit for a few days and I have to say this is really easy. Once you set up the dye vat (no heat involved) it lasts for several weeks and will dye up to 15…Continue

Started by Mollie. Last reply by Mollie Sep 9, 2009.

Deb Nelson shows how to dye fabric & things 1 Reply

Deb Nelson of shows how to dye fabric & thingsContinue

Tags: color, dyeing, fabric, dye

Started by Susan. Last reply by jodijean Aug 17, 2009.

Uncommon Threads: Dying Fabrics 1 Reply


Tags: color, dye, fabrics, Dying, uncommon_threads

Started by Susan. Last reply by jodijean Aug 17, 2009.

Natural Dyes - Why Use Them?

Natural dyes produce an extraordinary diversity of rich and complex colours as well as unexpected results, making them exciting to use. It is easy to design using natural colours as they complement…Continue

Tags: madder, weld, logwood, indigo, mineral

Started by Susan Jul 3, 2009.

Choosing Fabric Color Using the Ives Color Wheel

Several years ago, I decided that I would explore the world of fabric dyeing. It was in dyeing fabric that I really learned about color, and the difference between yellow-green and blue-green.By…Continue

Tags: yellow-green, blue-green, yellow, shade, tint

Started by Susan Jul 3, 2009.

BATIK Pool Dyeing


Tags: art, craft, paintbrush, textiles, dye

Started by Susan Jul 3, 2009.

Ombre Fabric Dyeing (Otis College of Art and Design)

A demonstration of Ombre Fabric Dyeing at Otis Fashion Design. Ombre Dyed fabric has two different colors at either end which gradually fade out and meet in the center.Continue

Tags: Robin, demo, deVick, sarah, morton

Started by Susan Jul 3, 2009.

How to Tea Dye

By Martha E BishopIf you're looking for a little help on how to tea dye, you've come to the right place. But first - why tea dye?Sometimes I wake up way before dawn and I want to make a doll or a…Continue

Tags: fabric, doll, dyeing, dye, tea

Started by Susan Jul 3, 2009.

Comment Wall

Comment by Mrs.Carol Mattice on July 4, 2009 at 2:06pm
Wow , this sounds COOL like in Cool (great)not in color..
Comment by quiltma on September 6, 2009 at 11:15pm
I just learned how to dye fabric. It was sooooo much fun. I hope to get more done soon
Comment by jodijean on September 19, 2009 at 2:10pm
ok ... so here is a LAME question i'm sure. i've been dabbling in fabric dying (just bucket/vat dying ... i do clothing so i want it to be uniform). i have been using fiber reactive procion dyes on jersey 90 cotton/ 10 spandex fabric.

how do i make the colors softer (lighter? pastel?) i tried using less dye to water ratio ... but it just made it blotchy. like the dye grabbed where it could and when the dye "ran-out" it just left the fabric white. did i do something wrong?

(i bought all the primay colors (both warm and cool and brown and black) and am planning on mixing my own custom colors. i started a journal with my different "recipes")
Comment by Marsha on March 13, 2010 at 1:05pm
Has anyone tried Shiva paintstiks on cotton blend knits? Since they are oil-based I worry about bleeding oil spots.
Comment by Marsha on March 17, 2010 at 4:43pm
My suspicions were confirmed-the paint stiks do leave an oil ring-Marsha
Comment by Cathi Nelson on January 4, 2011 at 2:15pm
I've found what I have been looking for a group that shares my passion for fabri dying.  I've dyed about 70 yards since the summer.  Mostly trying out the Procion dyes and doing 6 or 7 step gradations.  I'm beginning to get a system down.  The one thing that still confuses me is the concentrate system.  But other than that I am having a ball and when it gets warmer going to try some stamping and different techniques on fabric. 
Comment by Melanie Brummer on January 5, 2011 at 9:18am
Dear Jodijean,

I have some experience working with reactive dyes. A blotchy finish is most often the result of the fabric lying still in the dyebath than that something went wrong with a recipe. As the fabric lies still in one place, gravity settles the dye powders onto the upper surfaces of the cloth, and this results in a blotchy effect.

For an absolutely smooth finish, I recommend that you stir the fabric continuously in the dyebath. It is also a good idea to allow a lot of space in the dyebath. The fabric should not be crunched into a small space. Give it plenty of room for stirring.

When you remove the fabric from the dye, dry the garment on a hanger or lying perfectly flat indoors. Crinkles, sun and wind can also create a blotched effect as the fabric dries.

I hope that this helps you with your experiments?


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