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I've been playing with Jacquard's Indigo Dye Kit for a few days and I have to say this is really easy. Once you set up the dye vat (no heat involved) it lasts for several weeks and will dye up to 15 yards of fabric. I've been dyeing rayon and hemp and will try linen next. Using shibori techniques, I've been able to produce some really fascinating pieces. You can get the kit at Joanne's Fabrics and at Dharma Trading Company.

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Please post photos, I would LOVE to see this!
Photos posted below. I'll try to photograph and post the linen tomorrow. Thanks fo looking.

Wow is all I can say. I wish I would have been able to play with dyes this weekend.
Thank you. Love your cat picture. I might have to add my cats picture to my profile :-)
There's always another weekend coming up!
My favorite is the piece on the left within the top photo. What a beautiful shade of blue in all of them! What are you going to make with it all?
Thank you, Susan. I have no idea what I'm going to make, probably a Kayla Kennington style top/jacket. The left pieces in the top photo are my favorites too. And they are as simple as can be. The rayon really soaks up the dye. I got a pvc pipe, cut the fabric wide enough to go around the pipe plus seam allowances. ..sewed the fabric into a sleeve that I put over the pipe, then scrunched it down and dipped it in the bucket of dye for several minutes. Works every time and you get the most interesting stripey patterns.
Those are beautiful! This is another thing I will need to try. I have been interested in dyeing fabrics but haven't tried it yet. I need to get busy! Thanks for the great pictures!
Connie, I was the same way...just never could get around to it or I'd talk myself out of it thinking I couldn't do it. Then I discovered Dharma Trading Company. Their instructions and supplies are great. If you get stuck, you can even call them. If something doesn't turn out the way you want it, you can always overdye it!


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