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"Dyeing with food dyes, including Kool Aid is a great project for working with children, and can also be a practical way for anyone to get some lovely variegated wool felt into their stash! We dyed ours with Kool Aid, as a way to get a nice mix of colors, with just white wool felt, and some easy to find ingredients. Food coloring or cake decorating colors also work using the same principles- they all work as acid dyes on the wool fibers..."  Read more!

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Thanks for sharing this with us Susan.  I will have to try it, looks easy to do.

A few years back I purchased lots of kool-aide for a friend across the ocean that couldn't get any where she lived. She was dying wool with it too.

Be sure you are using the ORIGINAL Kool-Aid -- the one without sugar or artificial sweetners added.  The dyeing process doesn't need sugar!  LOL  I'm sure the author didn't think, when writing her article, that anyone would make that mistake but we all know anything is possible for a novice.  :-) 


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