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Is there anyone here that has used pattern making software? I've been researching, and it's so mind boggling.

 Would love to know some opinions.


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I have been looking for years for a user friendly pattern making software.  The three that are out there that come up on google just don't fit what I am looking for.

I want to follow this thread Shirley...thanks for starting it!  Karen in Indy

I happen to agree with you too.  Will be watching this thread.  Thanks for sharing.

I've downloaded the demos for Garment Designer ( and Pattern Master Child's Play from Wild Ginger. A lot of people recommend Garment Designer.

 I really don't think there is one that does everything I'm looking for unless I pay an arm and a leg. LOL Even then, I think there are always things that are lacking.

  Most of the reviews I read on Garment Designer say it's the only one with symmetry. Ex., if you adjust the the front bodice, it will automatically adjust the back bodice, etc. Or you can turn off the symmetry mode as needed.

  I just want to know if it will label the pattern pieces for printing. I don't think it does, and I suppose you can do that in Adobe when making a pdf? Anyone know?

Well, I guess this eliminates one of them because I want to sell my patterns.

  • information, and all other forms of written or electronic communication.
  • You CANNOT, under any circumstance, give away or sell patterns created in the Software in any form or format including, but not limited to, any printed or digital format. Copyright for these patterns is held exclusively by Wild Ginger Software Inc. You MAY create and sell garments constructed from patterns generated by the Software. Wild Ginger Software, Inc. agrees to hold no rights to resale of garments sewn from patterns generated by the Software.

I have been talking to someone who designs and sells patterns. She has the Garment Designer software that I've been looking at. She said it doesn't have all of the features she needs either.

 We both agreed that someone needs to invent a software that will allow you to import the pattern you create, and then be able to add the grading for different sizes. Plus label the parts, add to or change the design, etc.

 Anyone know a computer geek?  :)

Well, girls, I really thought I had found the program that I needed. It's found at

I didn't think the price was so bad for all that it does. They do have a cheaper version, and the big daddy is $399 right now.

 The problem is that I can't get any response from ANYONE. I've called and emailed several times. I get an answering machine, and I leave messages, but no one calls back.

 The place is in Canada, and I even found out who owns it, but It makes me so bummed that I can't talk to anyone. I would never invest that much money without knowing I had technical support - which their website says they have!

 If I ever hear anything, I will report back. :(

Hi Shirley,

I would also like to talk with someone that uses and knows the difference between different software.  I will be following....

I have wanted to look into this for years.  I'll be following too.


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