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Holy Cow! that is amazing!

Thank you!

Very nice.   Have you practice lots?  Do you have a hard time regulating your stitch length in free motion?

Some, I'm doing a monthly challenge by SewCalGal where you do practices each month because I wanted to get better.  I do still have trouble getting smooth curves- getting my foot and hands working together.

Wow! This looks like you have been practicing for a long time. I'd say you are ready to go!

Thank you!

very nice,  I must make time to try this myself

Thank you.  I decided this is my year to get better at free motion quilting.

Amazing!  I really need to practice more if this is the result!  Great job!

Thank you!

Cynthia,  That is really pretty - I know I wouldn't be able to do that. 

Thank you!


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