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Does anybody hand sew anymore? or is it mostly by machine??

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I do some hand sewing when I am hemming pants or skirts or replacing buttons and I also am making a "yoyo" quilt. It is really more like an afghan but the yoyos are all hand sewn then sewn together by hand.
I'm guessing with today's hectic schedules most people do the majority of their sewing with a machine.
I do quite a bit of hand sewing. I usually hem slacks by hand since it looks so much nicer. The main thing I hand sew though is in the area of belly dance costuming. Apart from the skirts and veils, most of that has to be done by hand. If you are interested in hand sewing Threads Magazine had a great series last year about the different types of hand stitches used in couture sewing. I found it very informative and have adopted some of the techniques in my hand sewing.
If anyone is interested in learning how to sew different stitches by hand, here is a site that has videos to watch.
Cool, I will check that out! Thanks HeyJudee!
thanks everyone! i would like to learn how to handsew and will check out that website!!
Here are some more videos with how to do different stitches by hand.


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