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Hi I've been having a heck of a time trying to hem a knit shirt.The
material is very stretchy and I've tried lightening the tension and
not pulling on it when sewing but I'm still getting a stretched out
ruffled like mess, I'm wondering if I'll ever get it right and am
considering tossing it out! Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks, Lil

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You could try this tutorial on Youtube. It looks like he pulled it off with a regular machine only and no special feet. I guess you might want to practice first : )
This is an excellent video! thanks for this. I'm going to add it to our collection!!
; ) anytime
This video has good information, but the fabric the sewer is using is NOT a KNIT fabric (one can see the unravel WEAVING along the cut edge). It is probably a STRETCH gabardine. The problem with doing a horizontal hem on a knit fabric is that if cut out correctly the stretchy part of the knit fabric goes in the same direction (parallel with) as the hem. I would experiment with a walking sewing machine foot and decreasing the pressure of my presser foot on my machine. Also, I would not try and put a very deep hem in this skirt.

PS The ruffled like mess is called "lettuce leaf" when a zig zag stitch is used, and a desired result sometimes when working with knits.
I thought the same thing about the white fabric. It looked more like canvas. I figured the info might work with knit. Like I said, I'd practice first!


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