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Hey everyone,

How do you turn sharp corners/edges with double-fold seam binding? I'm making a half-circle cloak. I used fabric I already had and it's only about 42 inches long along the front edges, and 54 along the back. Because of the shorter length in front and because I didn't want to turn up and hem the bottom edges, I'm using a seam binding to save the length. It is worth it to try to turn the corners at the top front and bottom front edges or should I just go with separate lengths and overlap the edges. I know that the bias doesn't ravel, so I'm not that worried about the raw turned under edges of the binding; I can whip stich the joins if need be. I just don't want a lot of bulk, as I will eventually be adding trim around the inside and outside edges. The cloak is poly satin fabric.

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Hi I'm not sure if I can explain this right but when I'm approaching a corner I sew straight to the edge, cut the thread. fold the next edge and pin and the corner should miter on it's own.. Hope this helps.
Thanks Kay, I had forgotten how to do this! Easy explanation too!
Here is another tutorial for quilt bindings that shows the process to do the mitered corner. HTHs
I was just trying to remember how to do this the other day. Great explination! Thanks!
Another very nice technique, a tiny bit harder, but eliminates the hand stitching of the little miter folds, is this one : Take a look at the first free video on that page. She is using a tool for marking her stitching line, but if you just think through the concept, you will realize that you do not need any tool.

this is the method taught in my sister's very begining quilt class .

L Hutch
Thanks ladies. I'm anxious to try these techniques!
Actually, I shouldn't just assume you are all woman. Sorry about that. Thanks everyone!
I use the 45° angle on a small square ruler to get the angle for the miter. Works for me...LOL.


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