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Hello Ladies and Happy New Year,

I need to know the proper name of the insert or piece that you can make and insert in low neckline dresses or blouses. Is there a place where we can purchase them? I would like to have one for a dress I made. I would like for it to be navy background with multi colored lace. Is that asking to much?

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Hey Lee! I'm not sure if it's the proper name, but I call that a 'modesty panel.' Harriet Carter carries one: Modesty Panel

Here's a tutorial for sewing one into your top or dress: Modesty Panel Tutorial

Hope this helps! :o)
Tyhank you so much for the link. I really do appreciate this.
I've always called it a modesty panel. There are some sites that carry them, I can't think of the names (doh!) right now, I think....Fabric Mart had some in lace(?).
Thank You for your answers
Thank You for your answer and your time
You may be thinking about the "Cami Bra", Google it and see what you find. You can also put in Cami Lace into Amazon and take a look at how you could make one, here is a picture from

That is a fabulous idea...wish I'd thought of it :o)
And I think I remember them being called a "dickie" if that helps. Wonder who came up with THAT word?!?
How Pretty!
How Pretty!


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