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I have been lucky enough to have at least one local fabric store to purchase all kinds of fabric and notions - until lately when she changed to mainly quilting supplies. I just got back from and am in love. Can anyone suggest tried and true on line sources ? I am at least an hour and a half from a city so any serious shopping usually has to wait and I'm not the patient when it comes to my sewing

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I'm a quilter so I usually look for quilting sites...LOL...but some of my other sewing cyber friends have mentioned these sites when they are looking for garment fabrics. I've no afficiation with any of them... (a bit pricy, high end fabrics)
Hope this gives you some other options.
Thanks so much. I also quilt and am very spoiled by a great small business owner here in southwest Iowa that stocks just about everything imagineable ! Plus only 20 minutes away is the Fons and Porter store - are you familiar with them ? And now I'm off to check out your suggestions.
Yep I'm familiar with Fons & Porter. I buy the Love of Quilting magazine and watch their shows whenever I can. I get their newsletter too but haven't purchased anything from them on-line.
I love most of the stuff they offer - altho it can be pricier than most. But today is my day - they are having a clearance sale and I'm on my way now to see what great bargains I can add to my stash. Wish me luck !
I'm new to the group, just started quilting and LOVE it! I really love all the gorgeous fabrics! I have bought from Etsy and am most satisfied with those orders. Just change your search criteria to 'supplies' and type in the collection or designer you like. And the sellers welcome custom orders, perfect for picky shoppers like me! Also try ebay or fatquartershop, fatquarterworld, or fatquarterfactory. The prices are a little higher this way but the quality of the fabric really is much better. Happy shopping!!!!
Thanks - it's absolutely dreary outside today - so a perfect opportunity for some "surfing" I'll check your tips out now These ladies specialize on dressmaking fabrics. We already have quilt fabric stores in town. The owners are almost always there, and they know their fabric and sewing. You can order online, and you can phone them for special items!


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