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When I start to sew, after the first few stitches, I reverse the direction for a stitch and then resume. Then when I come to the end of my seam, I do the same thing. 9 times out of 10 I end up having a hard time pulling my fabric away from the machine because the act of reversing my stitch causes it to wod up under the fabric. When this happens, if I'm lucky, I can cut the threads away and pull the unwanted threads out from my bobbin area. If I'm not, and this happens alot... I have to pull my bobbin out, and replace it because the threads rap up around the rod that it (the bobbin) spins on (if that makes sense). What is causing this to happen?

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At the beginning of the seam, make sure that your thread ends are pulled out at the back right. You may want to even hold the threads with your right hand to keep them from going back in under the fabric when you begin to sew. But I'm not sure why you would be getting it to wrap around the bobbin at the end of the seam. But you should do like Dale said, make sure the needle is in it's highest position and make sure that you lift your pressure foot before pulling your fabric out. Lifting the pressure foot releases the tension on the thread and allows it to move easily. Hope this gives you some help.
Thank you both for the advice, but I think this could be better explained with pics so I'm going to go sew some scraps and take some pics and show them here... I love this site!
I just tried to make the problem happen with the scrap fabric but I was sure to bring the needle to the top before I pulled the fabric away and that seemed to make all the difference. I have always lifted the pressure foot but never payed any attention to where the needle was at as long as it was clear of the cloth... Thanks!
Glad we could help!
Laura, I was thinking about you when I was quilting last night...I know weird eh!

But in quilting we don't backstitch tack our seams as I know you have to do when sewing garments. But some of us will take a scrap of fabric (e.g. 2" rectangle and fold it in half) and when we have finished sewing our piece, we then sew the scrap and leave the scrap there. This way we are ready to start sewing the next piece. We just clip the thread from the last piece and our scrap. This actually saves a lot of thread and helps prevent having to hold the thread and getting nests when starting your seams. I actually keep a bunch of scraps for this purpose at my machine and have one handy whenever I need them. I'm sure this would help you prevent problems when starting the seams and you can still backtack whenever you want.
Here's a quilting site where she calls it leaders and enders...HTH
Hey Judee, that is such a great idea! Thanks!


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