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The function of a sewing machine presser foot is to help guide the material under the needle and over the face plate. Different feet can serve special sewing needs. For instance, using a zipper foot when inserting a zipper can really improve the outcome of your zipper efforts.

Many machines have both screw on presser feet and snap on presser feet available. Singer sewing machines use a slant shank adapter to make the most use of the newer snap on system. These seven tips will have you changing your presser feet in no time and getting your projects done faster.

Many machines come with a general purpose presser foot in place when purchased. You will probably be able to use this foot for both straight and regular zig-zag stitching. Check your instructions to make sure.

Always be sure to raise the needle to the highest position by turning the hand wheel toward you before changing your presser feet. This keeps the needle safely raised and the thread in proper tension.

Raise the presser foot with the lifter, usually at the back of your machine.

While it may seem intuitive to pull on the presser foot to remove it, you actually push the tow of the foot (the part closest to you when facing the machine) up. It will snap off the shank.

If you're only changing the foot briefly, keep the first foot somewhere on your work surface easy to find for replacing.

Place the new foot under the center of the shank, and lower the presser foot lever. Fit the shank over the center pin on the presser foot as you lower.

Push the presser foot screw down firmly, and you'll hear the presser foot snap into place. Don't lift the presser foot into the shank, as your fingers will be moving in the direction of the needle. Be sure to just lower the shank and press down for quick, easy, safe presser foot changes.

Practice this a few times and you'll be switching presser feet a lot more quickly than you could make a pie. Use a narrow stitch foot to "stitch in the ditch", use a zipper foot for applying zippers, use a special open toe foot for special embroidery applications. You'll have more fun sewing when use the right foot for the right job.

Robin Brown is a Singer sewing machine fan. She sews regularly for her family and for fun. She markets Singer brand sewing machines online, and has a video blog of tutorials. She posted a tutorial video about changing presser feet on her video blog at Singer Sewing Machine Tutorials. Visit for video tutorials on using a mechanical Singer sewing machine, and presser feet recommendations.


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I did not realize that adapters were available to use the snap on system....thank you...I will go on the hunt for the adapter in my area...


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